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EchoStar's Jennifer Manner on Spectrum, Policy for 5G


EchoStar’s Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Jennifer Manner is a 5G maverick, and has penned a number of articles for Via Satellite discussing the major policy issues surrounding the technology. Here, we explore what Manner sees as the biggest challenges for 5G ahead of the DC5G 2017 Summit, where she will speak on the “Security, Privacy, Bandwidth and Regulatory Barriers” panel on Oct. 11.

VIA SATELLITE: Could you illustrate a general picture of 5G right now? Where are we in terms of new policies and standards?

Manner: You have to think about [5G and 4G] differently. With 5G it’s foreseen as a network of networks, and this is particularly important for technologies other than traditional terrestrial wireless mobile. 5G is anywhere, anytime, and it’s going to be... Read More

U.S. Senate Announces Bi-Partisan Resolution to Support 5G

The DC5G Summit was launched this year because of the limitless potential of 5G for the entire telecommunications industry and the need for an event to bring terrestrial, fiber and satellite professionals together to discuss this potential in front of a powerful D.C. audience.

In case you missed it, the U.S. Senate just announced it is moving forward with a bipartisan resolution to support 5G and broadband technologies to create jobs, encourage innovation, and close the digital divide between urban and rural areas. This announcement couldn’t have come at a more relevant and integral time for the 5G rollout... Read More